Quantum Algorithms on Dynamic Neural Networks

The Qubit Revolution will reshape industries, enable new medical treatments and technologies,
impacting deeply several financial services.

The Company

  • RQuanTech is involved in the development of solutions and services in Quantum World

  • The goal is to develop applications based on quantum algorithms implemented on Dynamic Neural Networks (DNN)

  • Based upon current proprietary patents and experience in the domain of Crypto, Artificial Neural Networks processing and Quantum developments RQuanTech has developed the RTranscendent (RT)

The Product

RTranscender are software modules which can be installed on protected mode in FPGA hardware or in the Cloud.

RT is a development of a registered patent (European Patent Register nº EP18382638.7 August 31st 2018).

RTs main aim is to support basic quantum algorithms as Quantum Fourier Transform (Direct and Inverse), Arithmetic operations over Qubits (Addition, Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation and modular equivalents) and high-level functionality as Factorization, Discrete Logarithm and other quantum algorithms.

The goal is to add computing capacity to binary systems, there where the volume of information to be processed exceed the calculation capacity of existing processors. Among others, RT will allow a new concept of Blockchain based upon Dynamic Neural Networks (DNN) via Quantum Measurement (QM)

The Best Applications for Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Computing ?

Quantum computing applies the properties of quantum physics to process information. Operating with nanoscale components at temperatures colder than intergalactic space, quantum computing has the potential to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. Taking only days or hours to solve problems that would take billions of years using today’s computers, quantum computers will enable new discoveries in the areas of healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials, and beyond. Learn the basics of quantum computing in this quick overview.


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